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Talem is committed to helping grassroots, BIPOC-led organizations thrive in the nonprofit sector. We work closely with you to determine the best short and long-term solutions to meet you where you are and help you get to the next level. We use a sliding scale discount to determine the appropriate rate for services for BIPOC-led organizations, based on budget size. 


Each fee structure is agreed upon in writing before the project is undertaken as a flat, fixed project fee or a monthly retainer. 


All contracts are written for a negotiated length of time. They can be canceled with a written 30-day notice. All travel and out-of-pocket expenses are approved and billed monthly.


We do not work on a percentage, commission, or contingency basis. ​Learn why here.

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In-depth analysis of organizational and program structures and existing documents to assess areas of improvement in the organization’s movement toward racial equity.

  • Extensive interviews with all levels of the organization (board, staff, donors, community leaders)

  • Market research into similar organizations

  • Analysis of programs, structures, practices, and culture regarding current work and workplace

  • A comprehensive report detailing all findings and expectations for future culture change

Developing annual giving campaigns specific to your audience. Includes:

  • Identifying appropriate campaign strategies with short and mid-term fundraising goals

  • Identifying potential audiences and outreach strategies to current, lapsed, and new donors

  • Creating marketing and communications campaign materials (e.g. social media posts, donor letters, email newsletters, and other direct/indirect communication tools)


Individualized sessions to guide your process and resolve specific questions around:

  • Culturally responsive leadership

  • Decolonizing fundraising and fundraising strategy

  • Centering culturally responsive narratives and equity in the grant process

  • Human resource issues including diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility

  • Effectively addressing organizational systemic bias and structural inequity

  • Organizational development


Training and support for board members for more inclusive, culturally-aware leadership, fundraising, and engagement practices through virtual workshops and 1:1 coaching. Issues we address include:

  • Incorporating diversity, inclusivity, equity, and accessibility into board recruitment processes

  • Hiring and retaining diverse staff and board leadership

  • Understanding what inclusivity means for your organization

  • Best practices, understanding duties, providing appropriate oversight and accountability, and building stronger board and staff relationships


We specialize in culturally responsive event planning and provide concept-to-completion planning services. This process includes:

  • Budgeting

  • Venue oversight

  • Committee meeting management

  • Sponsorship and ticket sales management

  • Graphic design and creation of event communications

  • Silent auction management

  • Communications planning and outreach services


Providing vision and infrastructural support during key moments of growth. Interim support is personalized based on your organization’s needs and may include:

  • Supporting existing fundraising programs

  • Creating committees to oversee organizational growth

  • Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Developing systems and procedures

  • Human resources and hiring


In-depth research to determine the capacity for future organizational and program growth and identify appropriate implementation strategies. Includes:

  • Extensive interviews with all levels of the organization (board, staff, donors, community leaders)

  • Market research into similar organizations

  • A comprehensive report detailing all findings


Developing a big-picture organizational strategy to support your mission and create sustainable growth for the next 12-36 months. Includes:

  • Facilitating a board retreat to discuss values and mission

  • Custom-built action calendar for 12-36 months

  • Breakdown of organizational goals

  • Regular 1:1 coaching and support


We specialize in setting up the framework for institutional and corporate giving programs. This process includes:

  • Identifying appropriate funders through in-depth grant research

  • Building culturally responsive narratives and needs statement


Data mining of your current database. Includes:

  • Identifying donor trends and prospective donors

  • Using the data to maximize the ask of current and lapsed donors

  • Segmenting prospects into potential gift campaigns (e.g. annual, major, planned, capital)

  • Developing a donor engagement and stewardship plan


The virtual ummah is an online community facilitated by Rachel Branaman and Saadia Ahmed, with special guests with nonprofit expertise. The small group will meet once a month, for one hour, to discuss key fundraising, marketing, organizational development topics, and share resources. There will be opportunities to ask individual questions and troubleshoot fundraising. Together we will look at topics such as:

  • Effective Ramadan donor and marketing strategies

  • Considering what the virtual environment means for traditional banquets

  • Utilizing virtual fundraising tools like Slack, DonorSearch, and Launchgood

  • Building donor engagement through stewardship

  • Engaging board members in fundraising activities


This space is offered FREE to support the unique needs facing grassroots organizations and BIPOC leaders.