Talem Consulting's goal is to empower
nonprofit success through capacity building

and resource development.


It is our hope that through these services, nonprofits will receive the confidence and strength to distinguish themselves from other agencies. Talem is a derivation of the Latin word, talis, meaning distinguished or empowered, a sentiment we hope all of our clients feel after working with Talem Consulting. 


Our core values include a commitment to


  • Mission-driven impact

  • Personalized service & customized solutions

  • Open dialogue & pragmatic problem-solving

  • Inspired leadership & donor engagement

  • Professional ethics & standards


Our relationship begins with you as

Talem Consulting learns about 


  • Your specific needs and background

  • Your organizational scope and goals

  • The issues to be examined and services to be completed


Talem Consulting will then work in

partnership with you to determine


  • A broad definition of the assignment

  • A basic analysis or information gathering assessment

  • Logical project phases 

  • An assessment of time needed to complete the assignment and cost


When appropriate, Talem Consulting will

provide a written proposal outlining


  • Our understanding of the assignment

  • The recommended approach

  • The organization of the assigned work

  • Expected results

  • Estimated time to complete the project and the cost

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