Daring to Reform Webinar Series

The systemic inequities that have become more visible due to the coronavirus pandemic and the continued murders of Black people at the hands of law enforcement are not new. However, the amount of media awareness and activism in recognition of that racism is new. In response, we have seen companies and nonprofits begin to reckon with their roles in perpetuating inequity - canceling tv shows like COPS, changing the language they use like the Grammy awards announcement that they would stop using the word 'urban,' and rebranding Aunt Jemima syrup. While these types of changes are welcome improvements, meaningful and long-lasting action must occur to create an anti-racist workplace.

We are committed to supporting the process through education, exploration, and action. This informative series intends to challenge the systemic racism within the nonprofit sector.

Building an Inclusive Board: Pathways for Education, Exploration, and Action

Tuesday, February 9, from 1:00-2:00 pm EST

Cost: FREE

Participate: Contact us for the Zoom link

This workshop will feature how you can use our 34-page Building an Inclusive Board resource as an effective board development tool for your organization. Download the guide in advance!

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