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Fundraising + Development

Fee Structure

Each fee structure is agreed upon in writing before the project is undertaken as a flat, fixed project fee or a monthly retainer. 


All contracts are written for a negotiated length of time. They can be canceled with a written 30-day notice. All travel and out-of-pocket expenses are approved and billed monthly.


We do not work on a percentage, commission, or contingency basis. ​Learn why here.

Annual Fundraising Training

Developing annual giving campaigns specific to your audience. Includes:

  • Identifying appropriate campaign strategies with short and mid-term fundraising goals

  • Identifying potential audiences and outreach strategies to current, lapsed, and new donors

  • Creating marketing and communications campaign materials (e.g. social media posts, donor letters, email newsletters, and other direct/indirect communication tools)

Event Planning

We specialize in culturally responsive event planning and provide concept-to-completion planning services. This process includes:

  • Budgeting

  • Venue oversight

  • Committee meeting management

  • Sponsorship and ticket sales management

  • Graphic design and creation of event communications

  • Silent auction management

  • Communications planning and outreach services

Grant Planning

We specialize in setting up the framework for institutional and corporate giving programs. This process includes:

  • Identifying appropriate funders through in-depth grant research

  • Building culturally responsive narratives and needs statement


-Please note this does not include grant writing services

Prospect Research

Prospect Research

Data mining of your current database. Includes:

  • Identifying donor trends and prospective donors

  • Using the data to maximize the ask of current and lapsed donors

  • Segmenting prospects into potential gift campaigns (e.g. annual, major, planned, capital)

  • Developing a donor engagement and stewardship plan

Event Planner and Fundraiser
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