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First Glance: Understanding Nonprofits' Needs During COVID-19

In our last blog, Talem invited you to participate in a survey to help us compile data about the short and mid-term impact of what organizations are facing. The findings will help us understand the immediate and long-term resources that organizations will need to support:

1. Increased demand for direct services,

2. Technology or other resources needed to continue providing services, and

3. Lost revenue

We will continue to collect responses; in the meantime, we are sharing a snapshot of what we have heard from grassroots organizations:

Of the responses, we have seen a wide range of anticipated financial loss ranging from $8,000-15,000 for March to May with others having losses as large as $50,000 a month and up to $500,000 in the month of May due to an anticipated decrease in Ramadan donations. All of the organizations responded that the loss of financial funding will impact staffing, programming, and operations with the anticipated impact including:

  • Staff layoffs and reduction in current services.

  • Inability to continue current services without volunteer support.

  • Inability to provide current services to children with autism because of the nature of the program.

  • Inability to comply with social distancing at a drug and alcohol recovery home for men who are homeless.

In the short-term, organizations are looking for creative alternatives to traditional fundraising methods, networking assistance, and grants to help cover operating costs. To help with this unprecedented need, Talem is developing fundraising materials to help organizations creatively fundraise over the coming months. We will continue to update and provide more resources as we receive feedback from the COVID-19 survey.

The survey is hyperlinked within the article or can be found at this link:

Please share widely among your contacts and networks. Survey respondents will be entered to win one of several $20 gift cards. All participants may redeem a free 30-minute consultation to support your fundraising planning.

For additional resources and tips visit our blog: Nonprofit Tips in the Era of COVID-19: Supporting Communities and Fundraising for Our Movements. We are continuing to update the blog post with new funding opportunities and information.

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