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Who We Are

Talem utilizes an intersectional and equity-based framework to ensure the communities being served are centered in the work we do.

Founded in 2011, Talem Consulting provides nonprofits the tools they need to build capacity, fundraise, and dismantle systems of inequity.

We will work to support your organization's mission, whether your agency's budget is $50,000, $250,000, $1 million, $5 million, or $100 million. Our team will ensure that you receive the best possible service to develop, grow, and distinguish your agency.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

To empower nonprofits with the tools needed to build capacity, fundraise, and dismantle systems of inequity.

Our Core Values

  • Mission-driven impact

  • Personalized service & customized solutions

  • Open dialogue & pragmatic problem-solving

  • Inspired leadership & donor engagement

  • Professional ethics & standards

  • Advancing racial equity & inclusion

Our Mission

Our Technique

Our culturally responsive fundraising techniques center a horizontal philanthropy mindset that places donors, nonprofits, and program recipients on equal footing. We use a data-driven analytical approach to generate healthy budgets, build financial reserves, diversify funding, implement new program components, and create strong organizational systems.

Our Shared Relationship

Our relationship begins as we learn about:

  • Your specific needs and background

  • Your organizational scope and goals

  • The issues to be examined and services to be completed


We work with you to create custom strategies designed to reflect the specific needs and values of your community by determining:​

  • A broad definition of the assignment

  • A basic analysis or information gathering assessment

  • Logical project phases 

  • An assessment of the time needed to complete the assignment and cost​

Our Mission

Next Steps

When appropriate, Talem Consulting will provide a written proposal outlining:


  • Our understanding of the assignment

  • The recommended approach

  • The organization of the assigned work

  • Expected results

  • Estimated time to complete the project and the cost

Building a Successful
Partnership Together

We set expectations for our clients to ensure we build a successful partnership to empower your mission:

  • 100% buy-in (full participation and support, as needed) from organizational leadership into the project (including the primary contact, executive leadership, and board of directors). 

  • Monthly Zoom check-ins for retainer/project clients to assess progress and goals. We encourage communication throughout the month via phone or email to share updates and successes. We strive to return emails within 24-48 business hours and request the same of our clients.

  • Timely payment of invoices (within 15-30 days of receipt) to ensure there is no disruption in services.

  • Acceptance of work product in a timely manner to ensure there are no missed deadlines (usually within 7-14 days depending on the project).

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