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Jim Alleman

Board Chair of Alley's House (now a project of Hope Cottage)

...Thank you for all that you have done for Alley’s House over the years.  After you stepped down from the Executive Director role you continued to do a great deal behind the scenes, without getting any credit for it, to keep things on track, and you did it with calm and poise. I appreciate all that you did and will continue to do for the Alley’s House mission. So, for what it’s worth, thank you!

Reidel Post

Executive Director of Journey of Hope Grief Support Center

As the new Executive Director for Journey of Hope Grief Support Center, it was important to ensure that our Board of Directors and I understood governance and one another's roles as we work together to grow our services and combine our strengths. While this topic can be quite dry, Rachel delivered a fun, fast-paced, and enthusiastic presentation packed with practical information critical to us reaching our goals. The Board had all positive to say about Rachel's training. In fact, it was so positive we decided to have her back to train us on fundraising, which she did by engaging us in a practical way that allowed our attendees to have fun as they learned to ask without fear or feeling intimidated. Undoubtedly, we will use Rachel again as she is definitely an expert in her field.

Mary Christopher

Co-Founder & CEO of Humanitarian Hands Charities

Rachel exceeded our expectations with her expertise knowledge and creative preparation of marketing of marketing materials that expressed HHCharities' mission.  Her consultations on media outlets to engage community awareness and avenues to entice potential sponsors will assist us in securing funds to fulfill our vision for Uganda's orphans. Rachel's guidance on effective ways to reach target markets with social media increased our visibility.

​Rachel is incredibly organized, resourceful, a natural team leader and problem solver. She helped me initiate a young professionals group within a nonprofit and could always be counted on to generate creative ways to engage the public and identify opportunities for continued development. She is a true pleasure to work with.

Kellie Crewse

Dallas Black Dance Theatre Board of Directors

Private Banking, JP Morgan

Alia Salem

Founder and President, Facing Abuse in Community Environments (FACE)

Rachel is one of the most efficient, organized, sincere, talented, and socially conscious people I have ever met. She operates in an incredibly principled manner that strives to provide exceptional services while centering the needs of marginalized communities. She is dedicated to using her expertise and
privilege to uplift those communities professionally and personally. I have been honored to witness these authentic qualities up close, respect her a great deal, and find every excuse I can to work with her and Talem Consulting.

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