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Change Management + Interim Leadership

Fee Structure

Each fee structure is agreed upon in writing before the project is undertaken as a flat, fixed project fee or a monthly retainer. 


All contracts are written for a negotiated length of time. They can be canceled with a written 30-day notice. All travel and out-of-pocket expenses are approved and billed monthly.


We do not work on a percentage, commission, or contingency basis. ​Learn why here.

Managing Transitions and Change

Nonprofits constantly face change; navigating leadership transitions, introducing strategic organizational shifts, and adapting to new technologies or regulations. These changes are inevitable but may not always be easy or widely accepted. Successful change hinges on communication, leadership, and planning. When you work with us, we prioritize a coaching culture, building organizational trust, and identifying effective planning processes. 

Interim CEO or
Development Director Services

Providing vision and infrastructural support during key moments of growth. Interim support is personalized based on your organization’s needs and may include:

  • Supporting existing fundraising programs

  • Creating committees to oversee organizational growth

  • Defining roles and responsibilities

  • Developing systems and procedures

  • Human resources and hiring

Leadership Coaching

Visit our coaching services and packages pages to learn more. 

Strategic Planning 

Visit our organizational development page to learn more.

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