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Nonprofit Tips in the Era of COVID-19: Supporting Communities and Fundraising for Our Movements

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is creating a lot of stress and panic as the information being shared by the media and politicians continues to shift. In the nonprofit field, we do not know yet how this will impact the ability to fundraise, lead social movements, or provide services. Now is the time to create short, intermediate, and long-term plans around the public health concern and how it specifically impacts your communities. Nonprofits are going to be looked to during these times to step up as they have during other national disasters or crises. It is the obligation of all of our organizations to protect public health and responsibly keep our movements going to protect and serve our constituents.

While the long-term impact is unclear, there are ways you can engage with your communities during this time:

*Note about Zoom: NPR reports that a civil rights group is demanding that Zoom do more to stop harassment on its video-conferencing platform. There are reported instances of Zoombombing which includes racist slurs and hate speech. While there are some workarounds for Zoom to avoid this please be aware that this may be a concern when working with community groups who may already be dealing with racial, religious, or other forms of discrimination.

Funding Opportunities:

Additional Resources:

*We are continuing to update this blog as new resources become available.

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